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St. Theresa Catholic School 

School: St. Theresa Catholic School
Teacher: Mr. Griscti
Grade: Grade 7/Grade 8

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Grade 8 Graduation

Important information regarding the Graduation Closing Ceremony for our Grade 8 students was sent home for our parents, students and guardians. Here are some frequently asked question and answers to help prepare for this special occasion.

When?: Tuesday, June 25 at 6:30 pm in our school gymnasium.

What events are planned for my child's graduation? Graduation day will begin with a rehearsal for our graduates. Students are welcome to bring their evening footwear to practice walking and climbing the staircase, and to ensure comfortable fitting for the evening ceremony. 

Immediately after rehearsal, students will be "clapped out" of the school as they are greeted and congratulated by classes, staff and teachers of our school community. 

Graduates will then partake in our Graduates Brunch, where they will enjoy a meal with their peers, staff and members of the St. Theresa community.

Can my child leave school after the Graduation Brunch? Graduates are welcome to finish the day at school or they may leave to attend Graduation preparation appointments, or to go home to rest and prepare for the evening celebration. Students who are leaving after the Graduation brunch should have an early dismissal note from a parent/guardian for our school secretary's attendance program, and complete the online safe schools arrival attendance information as well. 

What should my child wear to graduation? Graduation is a formal ceremony and a number of factors should be taken into consideration when selecting graduation fashion, including the temperature and weather. Due to the fact that the Graduation ceremony may take 1.5 hours to complete, the enjoyment and comfort of our graduates is a factor, when selecting Graduation fashion.

My child is graduating, what time should they arrive for graduation? Graduates should report to our school library at 6:00 PM. Families should take their seats in the gymnasium as seating is on a first come, first serve basis.

What takes place at Graduation? Graduates will process into the gym and will receive their school Bible and Graduation certificates. A number of student achievement and recognition awards will then be presented by various staff and members of our school community. A student valedictory speech and a closing speech from our Principal, Mrs. Delaney, will also be a part of the evening's program. The evening ceremony will include a photo slide show of our Grade 8 Graduates. The gym will then be cleared for a graduation celebration for our graduates. Pizza will be served to our Graduates at their evening celebration.

After Graduation, when should I pick up my child? The Graduation celebration for our Grade 8 graduates will conclude at    10:00 pm. Please ensure that adequate transportation is available for your child at that time. 

Please note: Our school year ends on June 27, 2019. In the event that your child is absent from school, please complete the online attendance safe schools arrival information for our school secretary.

Questions: If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Griscti at 905-668-8261. 

Thank you for the honour and priviledge of working and learning with your child throughout their time at St. Theresa Catholic School. God Bless.
































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